History of Japan Exhibition Association (JEXA)

Founded as “Harumi Kyogikai” (Harumi Council)
Lobbied the Tokyo International Trade Center regarding usage fees
Joint Information Session held for Harumi Labor Round-Table Conference and residents of Harumi area
Sent request concerning construction of Intex Osaka exhibition center
Requested construction of a roofed walkway to connect the West and East Halls of Tokyo International Trade Center
Dispatched observation tour to the site of Intex Osaka
1985 Dispatched observation tour of the planned construction site for a large scale international exhibition complex (Reclaimed Land #13)
1987 Dispatched observation tour to the site of Makuhari Messe
Sent mission to study exhibition venues in the USA
1988 Sent mission to study the state of the conventions business in Europe
Terminology Standardization Working Group proposed to name the Harumi Fairgrounds as “Tokyo International Trade Center”
1989 Participated in the Tokyo Municipal Advisory Committee for construction of International Exhibition Complex
1990 Name changed to “Tokyo Japan Exhibition Organizers Council”
1991 Filed a petition with the Tokyo Municipal Government and Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly requesting acceleration of the construction of the New Tokyo Exhibition Complex
1992 Celebrated 25th Anniversary
1994 Dispatched observation tour to the newly constructed Intex Osaka Hall 6
Dispatched observation tour to Tokyo International Exhibition Complex site
Published a report on “Vision for Conventions and Future Vision for Exhibitions”
1995 Name changed to “Japan Exhibition Organizers Association”
Round-table conference held with Tokyo International Trade Fair Commission@concerning reduction of usage charges for Tokyo International Exhibition Complex
1996 Opening of first “JEXA Business College”
Published the “Report on Factual Survey of Exhibitions”
(subsequently published every year)
1997 Celebrated 30th Anniversary
Second “JEXA Business College” held
Overseas training sessions held (Hanoi, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore)
1998 The first “New Employee Training Session” conducted
Third “JEXA Business College” held
JEXA website opened
1999 Fourth “JEXA Business College” held
Published a report on “Observation of the Changes in Exhibitions from 1996 to 1999 by Industry Classification”
2001 “JEXA Business Collage in Kyushu”, the first Business College held outside of metropolitan area
Business Briefing Session and year-end party held in Atami Korakuen Hotel
2002 35th Anniversary
Organized “J Expo 2002”, an exhibition for exhibitions
2003 Name changed to Japan Exhibition Association
“J Expo 2003” held in Makuhari Messe with 80 exhibitors
2004 “Exhibition Business Skill Brush-up Seminar” conducted
Members sent to the first meeting of AFECA (The Asian Federation of Exhibition and Convention Associations) held in Singapore
2005 Members sent to “ISO Exhibition Terminology Working Group” held in Singapore
The first information exchange meeting was held with Large Scale Exhibition Site Liaison Council (Dai Ten Ren)
2006 JEXA selected as committee member and attended the “Advisory committee for Expansion of Tourism and Exchange through International Conferences,
International Culture and Sports Events” organized by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
Organized the “1st Korea/Japan Exhibition CEO Forum”
2007 Celebrated 40th Anniversary and memorial events held
Published “JEXA Vision” white paper
2008 Conducted a questionnaire survey concerning the Association’s website
Conducted a survey on statistical data jointly with Large Scale Exhibition Site Liaison Council (Dai Ten Ren)
2009 Renewal of JEXA website
Exhibited in “2nd Korea Exhibition Expo”
2010 Full time JEXA office opened
Mr. Isokazu Tanaka assigned as Secretary General of the association.
2014 JEXA changed from a voluntary association to a legally recognized association
2015 Mr. Teiji Sakurai assigned as Secretary General of the association.
2016 Mr. Isokazu Tanaka assigned as Secretary General of the association.