Message from the Chairman

“The Key to a Revitalized Japanese Economy is a Thriving
Exhibition Industry”

kaicho_image.jpg  On the eve of JEXA’s 50th anniversary – which we will celebrate in 2017 – now is a good time to remind ourselves of the benefits that a thriving exhibition and tradeshow industry can offer to Japan.
 Let's consider the benefits that a single exhibition can deliver:
  Provides Japanese and overseas small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with a cost-effective way to promote their latest products and services directly to customers and partners.
 Generates tens of billions of yen in new business for exhibitors and visitors. This is why more than 50,000 Japanese SMEs rely on exhibitions and tradeshows to generate a significant part of their annual revenue.
 Creates billions of yen worth of sales for the third-party companies that build booths, provide temporary staff and undertake electrical contracting work, as well suppliers of promotional items, printed materials and other items used at these events.
 Leads to billions of yen in food, accommodation and transportation being spent by exhibitors and visitors with local service providers.
  Helps Japan reinforce its reputation as a world-class center for doing business and for cutting-edge innovation
  The United States, Europe and China all understand these benefits and have invested heavily in the development and support of their exhibition industries – most notably in the venues and facilities that serve as the backbone of our industry.
  Despite the direct impact that exhibitions and tradeshows have on the Japanese economy, Japan’s attractiveness as a destination, a half-century of outstanding exhibitions and a demonstrated ability to design and build extraordinary facilities – our country continues to lag behind the competition.
  Nevertheless, I have great confidence in our future. Exhibitions and tradeshows held in Japan continue to attract innovative exhibitors with leading-edge products and services. Meanwhile, JEXA membership continues to grow at a rapid pace. Japanese industry clearly understands the importance of a thriving exhibition sector.
  As we approach a new milestone in our history, JEXA remains firmly focused on growing and developing Japan’s exhibition industry and contributing to the sustained advance of the Japanese economy.
  I look forward to your proactive support and cooperation in the years to come.

August 2016